3665 Ruffin Rd., Suite 103 San Diego, CA 92123

“At 3-D Enterprises, We Enjoy Our Work!”

3-D Enterprises Incorporated is a General Engineering and Building Construction firm operating in the Western United States — specializing in public works projects

3-D Enterprises is a certified “Small Business”.

Our successful approach to construction projects begins with exceptional project management and ends with the professional installation of the final product(s). We research and organize all of the details. Our knowledgeable and experienced superintendents ensure proper that both techniques and methods are utilized, accordingly.

We are proud to say that every project we have undertaken; we have completed successfully. We have never defaulted on any contract and have never assessed liquidated damages on any project. We take pride in our work and our approach . We construct each project with passion as if it were our very first project.

Most of all:

At 3-D Enterprises, we enjoy our work!

We possess the following licenses in the State of California

  • A- General Engineering
  • B- General Building
  • C-10- Electrical
  • C-16- Fire Protection
  • C-20- Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • C-27- Landscape
  • C-8 – Concrete

License # 621125

DIR # 1000003754

We also possess a professional Engineering license.